“Expressions come to all in various forms. Art is mine. It’s my truth, imagination, creation and self.”

Every time I paint, I dip the paint brush into my soul and express all my fears, strengths and vulnerabilities on the canvas.

This blog is a way for me to let you peek into the stories that acted as a motivation for each of my artwork. Each blog has been further categorized into Art Series , Canvas , Canvas board and Plexiglas.

 Art Series features all my artworks according to the series they belong to.

The same blogs can be found according to the medium it is been painted on. Canvas  are typically a cotton or linen cloth stretched over a wooden frame. Canvas Cloth is stretched and glued over a cardboard backing to make a Canvas Board. Some of my new paintings are on Plexiglas which is a a solid transparent plastic made of poly-methyl methacrylate.

The prints of these paintings are available in a number of sizes and mediums. You can get in touch with me for placing the orders for your prints.